Elegant – Blog Minimal Typography Focused Theme

Elegant – Blog Minimal Typography Focused Theme for Blog, Portfolio, Bloggers, Magazine, Design Studio, Artist, Artist Portfolio Websites

Elegant WordPress Theme, a well crafted multipurpose theme with minimal design and great attention to typography, Elegant theme provides a stunning visual that displays and functions beautifully across all devices. With the bonus Portfolio and Team post type on top, new image filter feature, mansory and grid layouts, Elegant is the perfect theme for writers, artists, designers, agencies, edtiorial sites, and individual portfolios.
Elegant Theme Features:
Beautiful Typography:
The Typography in the Elegant theme is perfectly designed and balanced with white space, making each page look clean and pleasing to the eye.
Left or Center Layout:
The Elegant theme offers left and center layout alignment which can be preset for the entire site or adjusted per post/page. Both layouts work beautifully with or without a sidebar.
Image Filters:
Auto-apply Grayscale, Blur, and Sephia filters to your images without editing the original image source (no Photoshop needed).
Masonry and Grid Layouts:
Inspired by Pinterest, the blog and portfolio posts can have a grid and masonry layouts, allowing your posts to stack on top of each other.
Custom Header Styling:
Style the header background, font and color individually for each page/post.
Portfolio Post Type:
Creating a great portfolio is essential, in order for you to showcase your work and get noticed. The Portfolio Post Type allows you to do just that. With built-in with mansory and grid layouts, and post image filters, you can design various project layouts allowing you to show your work in a creative way.
Team Post Type:
The Team Post type is the perfect way to you to showcase people in your team/company in a fun creative way. It allows you to place their picture, position, social media links, and personal description on a page. Also, with our Progress Bar Addon (sold separately) you can even show team/individual skills, as well as, the progress of an ongoing project in an animated stylish way.
Use the Elegant theme that comes with the WooCommerce styling to create an elegant eCommerce shop. Sell your products/services in custom-designed product layouts with the Builder and its familiar drag and drop interface. Along with the built-in WooCommerce feature, we also created a WooCommerce Addon (sold separately) that allows you to create magazine-like shop landing pages, allowing you to place your products anywhere on your site. Check out this sample shop page created with the Builder and WooCommerce Addon.

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