JF Grafeeze Joomla Photographers template

JF Grafeeze Joomla Photographers template

Here we go! Another simple yet powerful joomla photo template out of the joomfreak template forge for all those design freaks, graphic gurus, architects, photographers and artists out there…enjoy a variety of cool features on this free joomla template from joomfreak. Need to hook new clients? This template works for you!

Version 1.5 and 1.6 come with 16 module positions. Enough space for all of your content stuff: Images, photos, logos, text. It’s so easy to fit them in! Not interesting enough? Give those 5 different styles a try and chose the one that suites you best.
The slideshow works absolutely great for giving your awesome pictures and graphic works the best spot on the website. Slide scrolling evening works with the mouse wheel.
With this cufon ready template you can tell your story now. Tell the world who you are, show your portfolio and let them all know why you love your work.


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